Wednesday, March 30, 2011

6 Easy Steps to Declutter your Living Room

Do you seem to constantly loose your car keys? Are you tripping over mounds of books, orphaned shoes, and scattered toys? Does this sound like your walkway? If so don’t worry you have come to the right place. 

Here I will take you step by step to declutter your living room.
  1. First get a plan together. Jot down on some paper the problem areas of your living room you want free of clutter. For example: Toys laying around, mounds of magazines/books, shelves overstuffed with items going every which way, plates and wrappers, etc. These are locations that must be taken care of accordingly.
  2. Start by taking the items out that are on the list. Decide and stick too what the room is intended for. Is it used for entertaining or recreational purposes? Try to keep that room with a sole purpose by the design and décor. This will greatly help you declutter your living room.
  3. Keep it simple by only saving the stuff you use on a regular basis. Everything else give as a donation or throw away. As for magazines save for a couple of months and then recycle them. If you like an article, copy it or put it into a folder. That way it is safe, put away, and organized. As for any bookshelves you must make some serious decisions. What do you use, have to donate, or sell 
  4. Find a home for EVERYTHING. This is very important to continually do on a daily basis. Keep all toys if possible in the children’s bedrooms. Collect the magazines and place them neatly in a basket or maybe one of those attractive bins.You can place the shoes on a rack by the door, in a closet, or under the bed. Try not to over decorate with too many trinkets. Remember you are trying to declutter your living room. Also makes sure to swop out holiday decorations accordingly.
  5. Furniture that has compartments for storage are always useful to have. You can find them for reasonable prices if you look around. A good example would be an ottoman with a hollow inside. This is  great for quick cleanups for unexpected guests.
  6. By just taking a few extra minutes each day to straighten up will avoid having to clean a huge mess down the road.
Learn more about how to declutter your living room from Mimi Tanner, who is one of the leading experts in this field. 

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