Monday, April 11, 2011

7 Effective Ways to Organize and Declutter your Pantry

Does your pantry look like it’s been hit by a cyclone? Do you want to know the secrets of the professional organizers?

All you need is patience and time to declutter your pantry in 7 easy steps.
  1. Begin to declutter your pantry by removing all the expired foods. This includes anything over 3+ months, if you have not touched it by now I highly doubt you ever will. 
  2. Take items and group them by category. Put all your breakfast items in one group that is easily accessible to everyone. For example: cereal, oatmeal, breakfast bars/pastries, etc. Some groupings you might find useful would be: canned items (veggies, meats, soups, coffee, kids foods), boxed items (potatoes, rice, noodles), drink mixtures (Kool-Aid, ice tea, tea bags), snacks (nuts, popcorn, candy, chips, pretzels, Cheetos, etc.), paper goods (napkins, paper towels, garbage bags, etc.)  
  3. Try to use Air-Tight Canisters when it comes to perishable food items. This will not only give your food a longer shelf life, but also save you money in the process. With Air-Tight Canisters you will always know when food is running low. What a wonderful way to not only declutter your pantry by keep it organized.
  4. Designate yourself an “emergency” shelf. This will be for those guests that just so happen to pop in at the last minute. A few things you might want to consider having on hand would be: paper products (plates, napkins, cups), cookies, crackers, or no bake desserts, drink mixers or ice teas, chips and dip.
  5. Be sure to have each shelf with labels pointed outword. This makes it much easier to declutter your pantry and locate just about anything quickly and efficiently. Keep the grouping of all the categories together. Veggies, soups, fruit, etc. To save on even more space, line duplicates behind one-another, always make sure you are rotating your stock as well. Nothing worse then opening a can of something realizing it has turned bad because of not checking dates.
  6. Now for those of you that don’t have a panty it's ok. Believe it or not many people use upright storage units, which is close enough to a pantry. Even if you have a closet that you really aren’t using can be turned into a pantry. Whatever you use can be organized from these tips.
  7. Lastly get the family involved with your organizational efforts. Go over with them on how to properly put things away in their designated locations. Explain why it is important to be organized and clutter free. 
Congratulations you are on your way to a pantry you can be proud of! Learn more about how to declutter your pantry from Mimi Tanner, who is one of the leading experts in this field.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

5 Surefire Ways to Declutter your Home Office

Have you come to a point where you dread even walking into your home office? We all know that many home offices turn into a “catch all” for all kinds of random stuff. Even the slightest thought of having to go threw the mounds of stuff would be overwhelming. Then the thought of having to go and work in those conditions, just make it more stressful! When you should be working, all you do is think about how to organize and declutter your home office. Please don’t stress any longer, life is way to short for that.

Here are 5 guaranteed ways to declutter your home office in no time flat.
  1. Take your time and try not to rush. By looking at the big picture you will just overwhelm yourself and quit. Stick to one thing at a time and move on from there. By talking this into consideration you have just completed the first step for you to declutter your home office. Not so bad right? Let's move on.
  2. Grab a large box.Go throughout your home office collecting stuff that does not belong in there. For example: cups, glasses, plates, remotes, clothes, toys, shoes, etc. After you have gone threw the entire room drop off the stuff where it belongs. This is a major part of the declutter your home office process that many people overlook.
  3. Next start to tackle the stacks of papers located on the desk. Separate mail, papers needed to be filed, and trash.It is a good idea to sort mail as soon as you receive it. That way you won’t have all this “junk mail” lying around. This does include the sales papers you plan on getting to “some day”. Remember you want to declutter your home office not look at ads.
  4. Locate the magazines, phonebooks, daily readers, novels, etc. Toss anything outdated or has doubles. Place the magazines that you are keeping on a shelf, bookcase, or rack, any others toss in the garbage. Now if any of these are your family members be sure to deliver them to the proper rooms. It is a good idea to make this a family effort by having them take all their stuff out of the office.
  5. Keep in mind that it is quite possible not to finish all this in one day. Work at your own pace doing one thing at a time. 
Make it known to everyone in the house that the office is a workroom and not a drop-off point. After you have everything organized and clutter free enjoy your stress free workspace. Learn more about how to declutter your home office from Mimi Tanner, who is one of the leading experts in this field.  

Top 5 Ways to Declutter your Laundry Room

Did you have piles of clothes that seem like never-ending mountains? Are their full, half, or even empty bottles of detergent lying around? Does it seem that every time you turn around new items keep pooping up in your laundry room? Especially things that don’t belong there.

Don’t worry I am here to help you declutter your laundry room!
  1. Many people find it difficult to keep the laundry room organized. So don’t sweat it, you are not along. You have to give yourself some credit, where else would you put all the clothes, cleaning items, and other odds and ends. Well things have to change a tiny bit. You will need to keep this area just for laundry and items related to it only. The rest needs to be taking out so you can declutter your laundry room.
  2. It is highly recommended purchasing some wire shelves, plastic containers, and hampers from Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, etc. You can pick these up very cheap. Place the wire shelves over the washer and dryer at a height that works best for you. The reason for this is so all cleaning supplies are easily accessible, preferably at arms reach. Now use the plastic containers (steralite works best) to organize the cleaners by size and shape. The containers help prevent against leaks and spills when you want to declutter your laundry room. Be sure to label accordingly what is exactly in the containers. This makes it easy to identify when putting cleaning supplies back in their proper locations for family members. Also less aggravation with wondering who put items where they don’t belong?
  3. Find an expandable shower curtain rod (only if you are next to 2 walls) or possibly hang a rod directly in the front of the shelves, loop the hooks and curtain, so it can close to hide the shelves. This keeps your cleaning supplies out of plain view. You save plenty of money doing this then installing a cupboard with doors. 
  4. Finally that is out of the way. Next step to declutter your laundry room would be to go threw the dirty clothes and separate everything into the three hampers. Now label them accordingly darks, lights, towels in signs everyone can read. Try not to rearrange the hampers so that no one gets confused.
  5. Next decide on specific days to do clothes, this helps to declutter your laundry room on a regular basis. By attempting to do a load every other day it never gets out-of-control. By doing full loads of laundry and using cold water makes it easier on your energy bill. Yes some items need to be washed in warm or hot water like towel and sheets, but clothes are a different story. 
Clean is clean no-matter hot or cold. Why not save some life on the garments by using cold water, you will be glad you did. Learn more about how to declutter your laundry room from Mimi Tanner, who is one of the leading experts in this field.  

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Top 15 Ways to Declutter Your Closet

Do you dread going into your closet? Are there things you haven’t worn in years taking up precious space? Will you have pants with holes/rips or maybe a torn hem, shirts with stains that don’t seem to come out? Does stuff just spill out into your room every time you open the door? Well sounds to me that you could use some help to declutter your closet.

Here are some useful tips so you can do just that!
  1. Toss any articles of clothing that don’t do justice to the figure.
  2. Find the clothes that pinch or bind your waist and get rid of them to declutter your closet.
  3. If you come across weird colored items, never worn a day in your life shirts, those presents you just don’t have the heart to throw away…needs to leave! 
  4. Does it tear or rip very easy? Yep you guessed it…declutter your closet!
  5. See if you have clothes that are damaged some how missing buttons, cigarette burns, rips, stains, etc. All must be taking out of the closet.
  6. If you come across any major repairs on anything that you don’t wear…declutter your closet!
  7. Do you have clothing that was just worn for a dance, wedding, and prom collecting dust? It’s gone declutter your closet!
  8. Clothes from 10+ years ago? Must be tossed declutter your closet.
  9. Do you have clothes from your high school and college? Grow up and toss them.
  10. Weight loss, change in lifestyle or clothing preference? Get rid of it.
  11. If the articles of clothing are worn regularly and in good condition keep them in the closet.
  12. All of the tossed clothing break it down into 2 piles.First pile would be things in need of cleaning and repairs. Second pile are clothes you wouldn’t wear again.
  13. Gather the clothes you put into the second pile and donate to Goodwill or Salvation Army is the best way to declutter your closet.
  14. Separate the first pile into 2 sections: Worth cleaning/repairing and what is left give those to charity. The ones you decided you WOULD clean and repair make sure you are willing to wear them regularly again. If not donate them.
  15. Since you have gotten rid of the items you don’t use anymore go out and purchase clothes hangers, shelves, and closet organizers whatever you need to arrange everything neatly. 
Match the clothes by color or type on the shelves, organizers, or hangers. Learn more about how to declutter your closet from Mimi Tanner, who is one of the leading experts in this field. 

7 Effective Ways to Declutter Your Garage

So you have decided to declutter your garage. This is good, a step in the right direction. When you take on a task like this try not to get discouraged, remember it will be worth it in the end. In most cases being organized and clutter free saves time and money. So why not at least try and see if it works.

What do you have to loose besides a clutter free garage.
  1. First head over to the local Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, etc. to pick up some supplies.This would include shelves, bins, and hooks. Purchasing metal shelves will be cost effective and easy to put together. The bins stack easily and can be simple to label when you declutter your garage.
  2.  Next begin to pull out the larger items so they are out of the way. Have a garbage can accessible for trash or broken items. Don’t forget that you can always donate unwanted items to Goodwill and Salvation Army other charities for a nice tax deduction. In most cases they will pick up the stuff you want to donate. Finally you could also consider trying to sell things online, yard sale, or flee markets. This step really helps when trying to declutter your garage.
  3. To start with the organization processes begin to categorize the items in the garage.For example the holiday decorations and label them accordingly. By doing this you are making your like easier to find what is needed down the road.
  4. Some of the categories might consist of supplies, files, books, records, family air looms, etc.Items you won’t be using very often place in the bins and begin to line them up on a back or sidewall. 
  5. Now for the things you regularly use must be easy to get to. Lawn equipment/tools or painting supplies put on shelves. Regular tools, nuts, bolts, nails, etc. can be organized on the shelves or maybe even cabinets if you have them. Small containers from coffee and food items are great for storing the small trinkets. Hang bikes, power tools, equipment, and cords on hooks so they will stay up and out of your way so you can declutter your garage.
  6. Try not to keep things you don’t use or want. It is pointless to just hold onto something just because you might use or need it. When in reality you haven’t for many years now.  All it has done is take up precise garage space.Don’t rule out family, friends, or neighbors they could possibly use what you have. Pretty simple aspect to declutter your garage if you ask me.
  7. Now finally you have the garage nice and organized!
This is the easy part now, just put back whenever you use something and it will always stay clean and clutter free. Learn more about how to declutter your garage from Mimi Tanner, who is one of the leading experts in this field. 

7 Simple Steps to Declutter Your Basement

Does your basement seem to be always cluttered? Do you have a hard time locating items in your storage space?  Have you come to a point where you realize you need help organizing? If this all sounds way to familiar then you have come to the right place.

Here I will go over several steps to help you declutter your basement or storage area.

  1. First start with 3 piles (Garbage, Donate, and Keep). This step could take some time, but don’t let that stop you. The more you put it off the worse it will seem.Just make sure you go threw everything thoroughly to declutter your basement. You will thank me in the long run. 
  2. Next get rid of all the garbage.Then start to organize the donation items.This helps individuals less fortunate, plus you can claim everything as a write off at income tax time. Places like Goodwill and Am-vets will take donations and sometimes even pick it up at your house if you call. It is a win-win situation for everyone when you  declutter your basement. 
  3. Now go threw your items you want to keep. Start to organize the items in see threw bins; you can pick them up very inexpensive at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, etc. The reason for using clear bins would be to obviously see what you are putting inside them.Be sure to label exactly what is inside of each bin for a quick reminder. 
  4. Try to organize in a way that works for you. For example if you have baby clothes place those in one bin, summer clothes another, holiday decorations a third.See where I am going with this? Just do what works best for you and stick with it.
  5. Install shelves if necessary. This is entirely up to you obviously. You are able to pick up cost effective shelving units at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, etc. The wall-mountable or freestanding are fairly easy to put up and install especially when you want to declutter your basement.
  6. Now if this is out of your price range then stacking the bins on top of each other would work as well. Organize your bins one on top of the other, keeping them in rows if possible. Try to keep a pathway between the rows so that you can easily maneuver in and out at will while you declutter your basement.Always place the items that you won’t use as often in the harder-to-reach spots.
  7. By staying on top of your organization throughout the year you will be able to keep track of what you have. 

This makes it much easier to find and bring out items, as you need them without having to go searching and digging through piles where you “think” it might be. Learn more about how to declutter your basement from Mimi Tanner, who is one of the leading experts in this field.